Lake life

Lake life

The first day of summer fell during a trip I took with my wife and daughter to Northern Michigan. We spent the week relaxing on the west side of the Grand Traverse Bay, way at the top of a peninsula where things were nice and quiet.

While the girls kayaked and paddle boarded, I spent time whittling, smoking my pipe, and even took a canoe out for a spin or two.

Dan with a pipe at the lake

The peace and seclusion were delightful, and most mornings the only thing we could hear was the call of loons.

About the only thing "productive" I did was whittle this guy:

A face I whittled

These are the tobaccos I took to enjoy — highly recommend all of them!

Four awesome pipe tobacoos

  • My favorite aromatic lately, Cades Cove Cavendish from the Gatlin burlier
  • My standard go-to Peterson Early Morning Pipe
  • A little Balkan Sasieni to spice things up
  • And for a special vacation treat, I cracked open the Beast from Cornell and Diehl's small batch release in February.

Dan carrying his canoe

Happy smokes!


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