My first pipe investment: Peterson Pipes

My first pipe investment: Peterson Pipes

For my birthday this year in February, my wife got me one of the Peterson Pipes featuring the Peterson system. Before this pipe, I’ve only ever smoked pipes that I’ve made myself or pipes that cost less than $40. I count my Peterson Pipe as my first major league pipe.


Who has Peterson Pipes for sale

Although you can get a Peterson from several places online, we ordered the Peterson System Standard Ebony (302) P-Lip from Smoking Pipes for $104. I went with the 302 since it's a slightly larger bowl for longer smokes. The ordering process was simple and even came with a gift wrap option.

The Peterson System

If you're not familiar, many Peterson Pipes are made with the Peterson system, a proprietary method of construction. Basically, instead of a hole that goes straight through the shank from the mouthpiece to the bowl, there’s a reservoir where the shank and bowl meet to collect moisture. The system is meant to collect condensation away from the draft hole for a drier smoke. You might like this if you’ve ever experienced a gurgle while smoking your pipe, since the system would eliminate that.

Check the Peterson Pipes site for a more detailed description

For me personally, the system is nice but it’s also an extra step. It gives you one more thing to clean out.

Thoughts about my Peterson of Dublin pipe

I love the shape and look of it. The black and silver is very sleek. I also like that it smokes cool and hangs in the mouth comfortably. Overall, it’s a great pipe that I’d recommend!
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