Top three reasons to visit the Muletown Pipe Show next year

Top three reasons to visit the Muletown Pipe Show next year

Last weekend, we were lucky enough to attend the Muletown Pipe Show in Columbia, TN. It was our first one! Below are the three things we loved most about it, but the bottom line is 10/10 recommend.

1. The venue

Briarworks storefront and lounge

Briarworks is a cool space that’s just endlessly hang-outable. 

The show had a really intimate feel to it. We’ve never been to any other pipe shows, but from what other people told us, this is the only one where you can browse vendors while smoking your pipe / sipping a beer / having a cigar.

Packing a tobacco pipe at Muletown Pipe Show

In the front of the house there’s a bar and seating area with darts, along with a sweet humidor.

Humidor at Briarworks storefront Columbia TN

 All the vendors were set up in the workshop space.

Crowd at Muletown Pipe Show

Tobacco pipes for sale at the Muletown Pipe Show

2. The food

We ate like kings in Columbia. There are lots of options in the area, and Briarworks had a food truck right outside for optimal convenience. Here’s where we ate (all walkable from Briarworks):

There was a wait, but we had a great view of the square.

Blue sky on the square Columbia TN

Hattie Jane's Creamery
Try the honeycomb ice cream

Hattie Jane's Creamery Columbia, TN

Marcy Jo's
Classic breakfast.
Marcy Jo's Muletown Columbia, TN

Cranky Yankee
This was both of our favorite meal

3. The people

Dan had tons of questions and people were so generous with their feedback and information. Special shoutout to Sam Adebayo, pipingainteasy.comHester Pipes, and Steve from Vermont Freehand for letting him pick their brains.

Rick Hester from Briar Pipes

Rick from Briar Pipes who spilled alllll the color secrets


Sam Adebayo Pipes
Sam Adebayo, who did a finishing demo, which we loved. There was also a tobacco blending demonstration which we didn’t make, but heard good feedback about.

Steve with Vermont Freehand

Steve from Vermont Freehand, who answered about a million questions.


Legion from

Legion, from Piping Ain't Easy


Dan Rees (Ohio Briar) and Andrew (Southern Piper)
Dan with the Southern Piper - check out his YouTube channel.

You will not meet a stranger there. Everyone we met was a real delight. We hope to meet even more people next time!

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